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    Stay in Thailand by studying at ALA Language School

    Sponsored Article Welcome to Thailand- the land of thousand smiles. One of the most visited countries globally, the country is home to stunning islands, irresistible street foods, thousands of temples, and royal palaces. What is a better way to experience Thai culture than to learn the language? Learn Thai and immerse yourself in Thai culture while worry-free about visa restrictions.…

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    Visa Options and Paying Tax as a Foreigner in Thailand

    What are the current visa options available for foreigners to work in Thailand? How does a foreigner pay tax while working from Thailand? What visa should you be applying for before considering to move to Thailand? Tim newton sits with Ben hart from Integrity Legal to find out more about visa and tax in Thailand.

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    Studying in Phuket As Foreigner – Education Visa

    The Thaiger offers the following deal on Education Visas… Every year, millions of tourists flock to Phuket for the weather, beaches, culture, food, and shopping. Many of them are long-term guests who have come to spend their vacations here. This country has so many facets that it would be hard to see everything in one or two three-week vacations. Many…

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    100+ foreigners ripped off in education visa scam on Koh Pha Ngan

    A language school in Koh Pha Ngan has ripped off more than 100 tourists claiming that they were able to issue them with a 1 year education visa. A group of the victims have made an official report with the local police over the scam. The tourists were from the US, UK, Germany, France and Russia. Manager Online report that more…