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    Thailand’s famous noodle dish, Pad Thai, included in Oxford online dictionary

    Thailand’s iconic noodle dish, Pad Thai, has made it into the Oxford online dictionary, according to a Thai PBS World report. The dictionary defines Pad Thai as, “a dish from Thailand made with a type of noodles made from rice, spices, egg, vegetables and sometimes meat or seafood.” Pad Thai, a stir-fried noodle dish which is usually made with chicken,…

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    Learn how to eat like a local – Thai table manner

    Like all cultures in the world, Thailand has its own customs and rules when it comes to eating. Whether you’re invited to dinner in a Thai local’s house, eating with new Thai friends, attending a business lunch with Thais, or dining in a Thai restaurant, it’s a great idea to pay attention and follow basic table manner. You don’t have…