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    Thailand’s monsoon season expected to be heaviest in 30 years

    Thailand’s upcoming monsoon season is expected to start early and see the heaviest amount of rainfall in 30 years. The Royal Irrigation Department has instructed agencies to prepare for the situation by inspecting reservoirs’ and irrigation buildings’ conditions. As of now, the reservoirs are 50% full. The country overall has used a total of 73% of the water in the…

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    Thai water officials warn local authorities to get ready for shortages

    The Office of the National Water Resources is warning that water stored in the country’s large and medium size dams is now dropping to the minimum useable level, urging measures from local agencies to ease the impact on the public. This warning goes out with another three months of dry season hanging over Thailand’s head. The annual ‘wet season’ kicks…

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    Wet season, not so wet – some dams are less than 60% full

    FILE PHOTO: Ubonrat Dam – The Nation Emerging from the back end of the annual wet season, Thailand should be well poised for adequate water supplies for the forthcoming dry season. There’s been major flooding of some dams in the central, far north-eastern and some southern areas. But the wet season rains have been ‘lumpy’ leaving many of the country’s…