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    Palang Pracharath Party could be dissolved, ex-acting PM banned

    The fallout continues after a drug bust at a karaoke venue in Bangkok revealed that the owner had previously donated 3 million baht to the Palang Pracharath Party. Now, the political party may face dissolution due to accepting what is believed to be “grey money” donations, with top officials being banned from politics. Former election commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn said that…

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    Pheu Thai calls to dissolve Bhumjaithai Party over cannabis policy

    The Pheu Thai Party is pushing to see rival Bhumjaithai Party go up in smoke, planning a petition to dissolve the party over the handling of their cannabis policies. The party plans on filing a petition to the Election Commission to consider the dissolution of all parties involved in the bungling of the decriminalisation of cannabis in Thailand. They claim…

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    US embassy, Amnesty International oppose Future Forward dissolution decision

    In a statement today, the US embassy in Bangkok said the Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve the Future Forward party risks disenfranchising more than six million Thai voters who voted for the party in last March’s general election. “The United States strongly supports democratic governance around the world, and appreciates Thailand’s recent seating of a democratically elected government. While the…