dead man

  • Pattaya

    Body of unknown dead man found floating in sea near Pattaya

    A local fisherman had a morbid catch when he stumbled upon the body of an unidentified man floating in the waters off the coast of Pattaya. The lifeless body was discovered yesterday afternoon in the ocean between Koh Larn and Koh Sarn. Pattaya City Police were notified of the floating man and they brought rescue divers along with them to…

  • Pattaya

    Man found dead, tangled in cables in Bang Lamung

    An internet repairman in Bang Lamung had a morbid surprise when he was repairing internet cables in the evening and spotted a man standing by a tree. He called out to him in the dark, but the man did not reply. When he approached the still man, he discovered to his horror that the figure he saw was that of…