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    VERSO – The school that equips students with future-ready skills

    Sponsored Article If you are looking for an international school in Bangkok that is focused on developing students with future-ready skills and mindsets that they need in order to work in a variety of settings anywhere in the world, you have come to the right place! VERSO International School is a pioneering, innovative, and design-driven school that equips students with…

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    Thailand’s education system: Part 1

    Thailand’s education system is largely affected by political instability and an increasingly aging populace. As Thailand has seen many military coups, with the recent one occurring in 2014, the climate of political repression has curtailed academic freedom. The consequences are played out daily when Thai academics are forced to work under the constant threat of surveillance, political reprisal, and arrest.…

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    A snapshot of Thai government schools’ curriculum

    Thailand’s young learners have access to cheap or free education through government-sponsored schools. Also known as public schools, the curriculum is determined by the country’s Ministry of Education. As Thailand is a theocracy, the Buddhist practises that are recognised by the government are also taught at public schools. At the elementary level, students are taught 8 core subjects each semester.…