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  • Thailand

    Vietnamese man who tried to paddle to India fell victim to romance scam

    The Vietnamese man who tried to paddle an inflatable boat from Thailand to India to meet his “wife” was either scammed or “catfished,” where someone uses a fake profile online to deceive another person for money or personal reasons. International media outlets picked up the story of the 37 year old Vietnamese man who spent 18 days at sea on…

  • Thailand

    NACC ordered to disclose their findings regarding Deputy PM Prawit’s watch scandal

    The National Anti-Corruption Commission has been ordered by the Central Administrative Court to show their findings in regard to an investigation into the pricey wristwatches that Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan has been noted to wear in public. The court ruling came yesterday. The court decided that the findings should be revealed, such as witness testimonies and Prawit’s testimonies, in order…