• Bangkok

    Crocodile turns up in an unusual location: the heart of Bangkok

    Visitors to Thailand are often amazed by the wildlife they can see: elephants, tigers, crocodiles, lizards, dolphins, whales and sharks, and so much more. There are areas – like nature reserves, marine parks, farms, and sanctuaries – where you can travel to meet these creatures, and downtown Bangkok is not usually one of them. But residents were stunned to run…

  • Thailand

    Crocodile attacks man, locals eat the reptile for ‘revenge’

    After a crocodile attacked a Rayong man, in eastern Thailand, and bit off his arm, locals hunted down the crocodile, killed it and ate it. They say they cooked and ate the 2 metre long crocodile to get “revenge”. The crocodile would have preferred other options. 52 year old Yongyut Harat was fishing in a canal when, according to the…