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  • Thailand

    Good Morning Thailand | Killer policeman on the run, Bangkok Sandbox | August 26

    Today, Tim, Jay and guest commentator Mike Kenner are talking about their real experience of police in Thailand and about the killer cop on the run. Police have now launched a massive manhunt for the former Nakhon Sawan police station chief who led the alleged torture leading to the death of a 24 year old drug suspect. Bangkok’s private sector…

  • Thailand

    Good Morning Thailand | Phuket murder arrest, Covid wave peaked? | August 9

    Plenty of weekend news following the arrest of a suspect in the murder of the 57 year old Swiss woman in Phuket. Covid numbers may have peaked as the heavy restrictions start to reap rewards. The Tokyo Games are over… did anyone notice? Jay and Tim get to your comments, and what do you think about the new T-shirts? Thanks…