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  • Visa

    Younger Chinese expats the main applicants for Elite Visa

    Thailand’s Elite Visa set its sights on attracting wealthy people to stay long-term in the kingdom. Chinese expats are taking the most advantage of it, but officials are surprised to see the average age of those applying for the long-term visa is dropping. About 20,000 Elite Visas have been approved so far to allow people to stay long-term in Thailand,…

  • Thailand

    China provides vaccine doses for citizens living in Thailand

    In a global Covid-19 immunization campaign, China has sent vaccine doses to Thailand to have Chinese citizens inoculated under Beijing’s “Spring Sprout” programme. A vaccination site under the programme is already up and running in Bangkok. The Associated Press says China had donated 500,000 doses, and Thailand then agreed to vaccinate Chinese expats. Around 150,000 Chinese nationals live in Thailand. “Spring…