• Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    2 of the 62 people arrested at Bangkok sex party test positive for Covid-19

    2 of the 62 people who were arrested at the alleged drug and sex party in Bangkok have tested positive for Covid-19. Large gatherings are prohibited in Bangkok, particularly those where people are in “close contact,” to prevent the spread of the virus. Reports say the large gathering at the Faros Sauna was a “chemsex” event involving drugs to enhance sex.…

  • Bangkok

    Police in Bangkok arrest 62 men at “chemsex” party

    62 men in Bangkok were arrested at a so-called “chemsex” party where gay and bisexual men are said to take drugs like methamphetamine to enhance sex. The men now are facing charges over violating the disease control measures which prohibit large gatherings, especially those where people are in “close contact.” Half of the them tested positive for drugs and will…