Central Plaza

  • Crime

    Police capture man suspected of Khon Kaen gold store robbery

    A suspect has been arrested in the case of an armed gold store robbery in Khon Kaen with CCTV footage that had gone viral. The robbery took place on Saturday evening, and the police announced a suspect taken into custody earlier today. The robbery of the gold store on the second floor of the Central Plaza Department Store in Khon…

  • Crime

    Gold store robber in Khon Kaen wanted, 50,000 baht reward

    A daring armed robbery of a gold store in Khon Kaen has resulted in a manhunt with authorities now offering a 50,000 baht reward for any information that leads to the capture of the thief. The robbery took place at a gold shop within a department store yesterday evening and was captured by a security camera. The footage shows a…