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    Doctors, teachers and WHAT?#! Thai kids career choices 2020

    PHOTO: Bangkok Prep The results of the 11th Children’s Dream Career Survey for 2020 are out. The annual survey is conducted by Adecco Group Thailand. 4,050 Thai children, aged 7 to 14 years from all parts of the country, were surveyed about their dream career. The top dream career for Thai kids is to become a doctor, followed by teacher. The…

  • Expats

    6 ways to explore a new profession before changing your career path

    You’ve decided to make a career change, that’s great (but maybe a bit scary). Now the next thing to do is explore the profession before making a decision to go with it. Once you have made a decision you can search JobCute for the largest selection of new jobs avialable in your chosen profession. You probably have had a chance…