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    7 Best Affordable Hotels in Bangkok for 2022

    Staying in Bangkok doesn’t have to be expensive, nor should you have to compromise on quality and comfort. There are now hundreds of affordable hotels in Bangkok that offer top-class amenities, so finding the greatest hotel for the best price does not have to be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the city’s best budget hotels, all of which offer…

  • Technology

    Top 10 most useful apps in Thailand for expats and tourists

    Apps have changed the way we do a lot of daily, ordinary, tasks. Living in Thailand ,we have bench tested a range of apps and decided on the Top 10 most useful apps currently available, most of them are free, or have a free version. So many previously complicated or time-consuming tasks are now so much simpler, and sitting in…

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    What has the pandemic taught hotels about luxury. Is ‘less’ more?

    by Anthony Lark “Let’s say goodbye to all that stale pretence and manufactured pomp” Until the collective nightmare that was 2020, many of the so-called high-end hotels had a reputation for trying to convince guests to pay for often dingy guestrooms lacking any real views inside an otherwise ornate structure with a storied, celebrated past, where the first impression was…