All night

  • Phuket

    Phuket gets approval for all-nighter New Year’s Eve party

    Phuket is approved to allow New Year’s Eve celebrations to go on all night, along with alcohol sales. The notice was issued yesterday that states alcohol sales would be extended on NYE, from 11pm-6am. The order says usually it is forbidden to sell alcohol during those times, but notes that December 31 is an exception. The Phuket governor signed the…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Day and night – Bangkok deep cleaning phase

    Deputy Bangkok Governor Sakonthi Pattiyakul, posted on his Facebook, revealing that Bangkok is in its “deep cleaning phase” and all 50 districts will be affected. Focusing on the ground and public seating, authorities will first use disinfectant sprays to spray down everything then use a wipe with at least 70% alcohol to minimise any potential Covid-19 threats. This will continue…