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  • Transport

    Only taxis travelling to and from Bangkok airports can charge for luggage

    The Land Transport Department is clarifying the recent news that taxis in Bangkok can charge special handling fees for luggage after the announcement received public scrutiny. The department’s deputy director Tanee Suebrerk says this special fee only applies to metred taxis travelling to and from Bangkok’s two airports. He says that those taxis who do not deliver passengers or pick…

  • Phuket

    Thai VietJet passenger arrested for allegedly saying the “airline should be bombed”

    We might think all sorts of things when flight delays inconvenience us. But most of us stew in the departure lounge. Mike decided to vent his anger. A Thai VietJet passenger was arrested after he allegedly muttered “I think this airline should be bombed” just as he was boarding a flight at the Phuket International Airport. 26 year old Mike…