• Hong Kong

    Singapore Government issues travel advisory warning for Hong Kong

    “Singaporeans are advised to defer non-essential travel to Hong Kong, given current developments.” PHOTO: AFP The ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and the Administration’s attempts to negotiate or quell the disturbances, is starting to reach far and wide with some countries now reviewing their travel advisories to China’s Special Administrative Region. This from the Singapore Government that describes the protests…

  • Thai Life

    Thailand’s US Embassy issues advisory about medical insurance

    PHOTO: US Embassy in Bangkok Thailand’s United States Embassy has issued an advisory warning to American expats recommending they have adequate medical coverage for a long-term stay in the country. The advisory reads… “Thailand remains one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world. Great culture; great food; great people. And as US citizens age, Thailand also offers access…

  • World

    Thai nationals in Frankfurt advised to exercise caution in face of terror threat

    PHOTO: NNT The Thai Consulate General in Frankfurt is advising Thai nationals in the German city and surrounding areas to exercise extra caution and avoid being in crowded places in the face of terrorist threats. The advice for Thai nationals follows the arrests of 10 terrorist suspects aged between 20-42 years in Germany on March 22, 2019. They were allegedly…