• Technology

    Study finds smartphone addiction among Thai children on the rise

    A study by the Thai Health organisation shows that Thai children spend an average of more than 35 hours a week on smartphones or the internet. It indicated that children who spend most of their time on smartphones and computers are at risk of developing gaming addiction and even violent behaviour. The director of the Healthy Child, Youth, and Family…

  • Thailand

    57% of Thais gamble – new report

    The Thai Health Promotion Foundation has hosted a meeting today to discuss the gambling situation in Thailand in 2019, as a report indicating that a whopping 30.42 million Thais, or 57% of the population, gamble. The meeting was also represented by the Centre for Gambling Studies, Stop Gambling Foundation and related associations. The director-general of the Centre for Gambling Studies,…

  • Thai Life

    eSports – legitimate sport or teenage addiction problem?

    PHOTO: China Daily The Thai Mental health department is urging the government to rethink any decision to recognise online gaming. Moves to officially recognise eSports (electronic gaming sports) could lead to children becoming addicted to online games, according to health experts. A Mental Health Department adviser Dr Yongyud Wongpiromsarn says the promotion of eSports would likely do more harm than good.…