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    Sex outside of marriage to carry one year jail sentence in Indonesia

    Sex outside of marriage will result in a one-year jail sentence if lawmakers get their way tomorrow in Indonesia. In some of the most Draconian measures introduced in the Southeast Asian nation for decades, lawmakers are set to ratify changes to its criminal code tomorrow. Critics predict will send Indonesia back to the Dark Ages. The Semeru volcano erupted in…

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    Thailand – the 17th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami

    A powerful underwater earthquake rumbled off the coast of northern coast of Sumatra island, Indonesia, at 7:59am local time, setting off a series of underwater shockwaves that would eventually be felt right around the rim of the Indian Ocean. It was the Boxing Day Tsunami (or Indian Ocean Tsunami, or Asian Tsunami) and it started affecting the shorelines around the Indian…

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    Indonesian police may have found officer missing since 2004 tsunami in mental health facility

    Officials in the Indonesian province of Aceh believe they may have found a police officer who has been missing since the Indian Ocean tsunami struck 16 years ago. The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami was one of the world’s worst recorded natural disasters, killing around a quarter of a million people in several countries around the Indian Ocean. Aceh was the…