3 finger salute

  • Thailand

    Thai PM receives 3 finger salutes for his birthday from “well – wishers”

    Thailand’s PM is celebrating his birthday with “well – wishers” displaying the 3 finger salute to his motorcade. The pro-democracy demonstrators didn’t hold back their displays of discontent as his motorcade made its way to the Government House. The Dern Thalu Fah, or Walk Through the Sky, demonstration group used loud speakers as they shouted, “Prayut, get out! Down with…

  • Protests

    Changes proposed to dress codes, haircuts and gender identity for Thai students

    The ‘Bad Student’ campaign and its withering attacks on the Thai education minister appear to have hit their mark. The Education Ministry has now announced amended regulations that cover dress codes and haircuts for students after a 4 month campaign. The Bad Student protests have been under-reported due to the larger protest movements, but have seen hundreds of students conducting…

  • Politics

    Survey: majority support students’ freedom of expression

    A recent survey by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll, found that a majority of Thais agree with students across the country giving the anti-government”3 finger salute” and wearing white ribbons, saying that they have the right to free expression. The study was conducted August 25-27 on 1,317 people aged 15 and over, of various levels of…