14 years old

  • World

    Missing 14 year old Thai boy found dead in Tokyo

    The mother of a Thai teenager who went missing in Tokyo last Monday has revealed that she has found her son but that he had died. Yuwajitra Watchara-arpa has not revealed the cause of the death of 14 year old Thian Sukanonsawat on the social network, saying merely that he had passed peacefully from an “unexpected accident”. The mother thanked…

  • Pattaya

    Jomtien’s Jetski rapist arrested after attack on 14 year old girl

    An 18 year old man, who was staffing a jetski and beach equipment rental business a on Jomtien Beach south of Pattaya, has been arrested for the rape of a minor. The original story about the offense HERE. He gave the victim 40 baht following the rape, after promising her 500 baht before the incident. He said she had smiled…