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  • Chiang Rai

    Tham Luang exhibition opens in Chiang Rai, including a replica of part of the cave – VIDEO

    A replica of parts of the Tham Luang Cave has been opened for visitors to learn more about the famous cave rescue and experience some of the difficulties faced by rescuers in a replica of parts of the cave, well 30 metres of it anyway. The exhibition attempts to simulate some of the key incidents that happened during the cave…

  • Chiang Rai

    Journey back to Tham Luang in ‘The Cave’ – VIDEO

    PHOTO: Tom Waller on site during the filming of The Cave – AFP Determined divers racing against time. Rising waters threatening lives. 12 teenagers and their soccer coach trapped inside for two weeks. A remote cave that most had never heard of. The stuff of a Hollywood drama, except that it’s all true and happened in Chiang Rai last year. Now…