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    UPDATE: Elite forces storm Terminal 21, gunman holding hostages – VIDEO

    Following the shootings of innocent civilians by a Thai army sniper earlier this evening in Korat, north eastern Thailand, elite police and army forces of the Crime Suppression Division and Lop Buri-based Special Forces arrived at Terminal 21 shopping mall an hour ago. (Video of their arrival at Terminal 21 below) The armed gunman is believed to be still be…

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    UPDATE: Thai Army soldier still at large in Terminal 21, Korat – Killed upwards of 12

    As we update the story about the crazed Thai Army sniper going on a rampage around Korat in Nakhon Ratchasima, north east Thailand this afternoon, this is the latest information we have… • A Thai soldier allegedly killed his commanding officer before gunning down a reported 12 people. He was livestreaming the the entire incident as he slaughtered innocent people…