Wife throws boiling hotpot at husband in restaurant, causing distress to nearby diners

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A couple’s heated argument in a hot pot restaurant located in the Guangzhou province of China shocked onlookers as the wife threw boiling soup at her husband, inadvertently scalding customers at the nearby table. CCTV footage captured the dramatic incident during which the husband and wife quarrelled while having a meal together and demonstrated shocking acts of violence.

According to reports, the couple brought their daughter to dine in a hot pot restaurant. The wife sat opposite her husband and daughter, with individual hot pots placed in front of each of them. Initially, the family enjoyed their meal and laughed together. After the daughter had finished eating, she went to play with other children on the restaurant’s small playground, while the couple continued to dine and chat, seemingly in good spirits.

However, a few minutes later, the husband appeared to say something that greatly displeased the wife. Her facial expression changed dramatically, and despite the husband apologising, she remained visibly angry. The wife then threw half of a melon she was eating at her husband, who instinctively leaned to one side, narrowly avoiding the assault. As her fury escalated, the wife quickly stood up, grabbed the boiling hot pot in front of her, and hurled it at her escaping husband.

The husband was fortunate not to be injured by the scalding liquid, with only some soup soiling his clothes. However, customers at the adjacent table bore the brunt of the attack, being doused with hot soup. Before anyone could react, the enraged wife pursued her fleeing husband. Meanwhile, their young daughter, having witnessed the shocking altercation, stood still and began to cry. The couple eventually grabbed their daughter to leave the scene.

Onlookers were left surprised and appalled at the couple’s violent behaviour. The restaurant’s CCTV captured the entire incident and the footage quickly spread on social media, prompting widespread criticism and ridicule of the wife’s actions.

Here are some of the comments below…

“Having a wife like that is a terrible fate for the next eight lives.”

“Regardless of what the husband said, such actions from the wife are unacceptable.”

“No matter what happened, they should have addressed it at home. Why harm each other in public like that?”

“Neither the husband nor the wife should behave this way. They ought to learn to control their emotions because no one is perfect, and everyone has their own thoughts. If not, they’ll soon be heading for a divorce.”

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