Chinese couple caught having sex outside convenience store

Chinese couple caught having sex near convenience store, screen grab via Sanook.

In a shocking incident, a couple was caught having sex outside of a popular convenience store entrance in Zhumadian, Henan Province, China, much to the surprise of passersby and the astonishment of netizens. Onlookers appeared to be indifferent to the scene, with some speculating that the woman seemed to be intoxicated.

Local news reports indicated that the event took place at a seating area near the entrance of the well-known convenience store. The man was an employee of the store, while the woman appeared to be in a drunken state. The 1.5-minute clip that went viral on the Internet showed the woman’s trousers had been taken off down to her knees, as she lay across the bench, with the man engaging in sexual activities.

However, the woman seemed to be unconscious, with her hand resting on the ground, and at times seemed to regain her senses as the man moved his body. The seating area near the entrance of the convenience store was adjacent to the roadside, and the male employee made eye contact with people passing by several times, even as he continued his lewd act. Nevertheless, people continued to walk past the scene as if nothing was happening, without attempting to halt the activity.

News reports did not specify the time of the incident, but the occurrence prompted netizens to engage in much discussion and debate. Some expressed concern about the declining morals of society, while others criticised the indifferent attitude of passersby. Several netizens noted the woman appeared to be intoxicated and questioned whether it was consensual or a case of sexual violation.

As of now, local police have not responded to the occurrence, and it remains unclear whether the couple knew each other or if a crime was witnessed, as some internet users have suggested.

This news comes just a week after another incident of public sex in China.

Last week, it was reported that Chinese university students witnessed a steamy couple in a university classroom, and shared live updates online.

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