Chinese man flies home in personal aircraft for Lunar New Year

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The Chinese online community has been captivated by an image of a father and his young daughter taking a unique approach to returning home for the Chinese New Year: flying in a personal aircraft. The Lunar New Year, a time when millions undertake the arduous journey home, often leads to congested roads and transportation systems. To avoid this annual ordeal, a resident of Anhui Province in China, Wang, chose the skies over the streets to celebrate the festival with his daughter.

Wang took to social media to share a video confirming his novel mode of transport. He revealed that what would usually be a three-hour drive was reduced to a mere 50-minute flight, allowing him and his daughter to avoid traffic jams and appreciate the beautiful, unobstructed scenery from above. The video quickly went viral, sparking widespread interest and leading to questions about the feasibility of such a mode of transport, particularly where to land if one’s hometown was in a rural area without an airstrip, reported Sanook.

Addressing the online inquiries, Wang, an experienced pilot, explained that there are no age restrictions for flying passengers, so his daughter’s presence was entirely legitimate. He also mentioned that his hometown had ample space for landing. Initially, the locals found the sight unusual, but they soon became accustomed to it.

Wang further clarified the legal aspects of his flight, stating that pilots must notify the Civil Aviation Department and other relevant authorities of their travel plans. His route being fixed allowed him to file a report only a few hours in advance. Despite the excitement, some netizens expressed concerns, suggesting the video’s purpose was to attract followers to Wang’s flight school, where he is both an instructor and a trainee pilot. They also warned that small private planes do not offer the same level of safety as commercial aircraft, urging caution to those considering such flights.

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Chinese man flies home in personal aircraft for Lunar New Year | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Sanook

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