Top 5 reasons Phuket is the ideal medical tourism destination

Emerging markets and financial injection from the government has seen the medical tourism sector explode in Thailand.

Companies such as Bangkok Dusit, who operate more than 40 hospitals across six different brands, provide a staggering 8,000 beds. And they are expanding thanks to their acquisitions of hospitals and “wellness centres” in major Thai hubs such as Phuket.

This is precisely the reason why Phuket is becoming more and more attractive for medical travellers searching for top-notch care at a fraction of the price. Eugen Pauls of MyMediTravel explains…

“Boasting stunning golden shorelines and a host of attractions, Phuket is one of the go-to places when it comes to combining affordable medical care with an outstanding destination. Cheap flights, access to first-class surgeons and spa like features make it the perfect medical tourism vacation hotspot.”

Yet medical travellers are drawn to Phuket for a number of other reasons. Here are just five…

1. Beaches

With more than 30 beaches in Phuket, medical tourists are spoilt for choice as far as relaxing, pre and post-treatment is concerned. From tummy tucks to breast augmentation, all manner of plastic surgery procedures in Phuket are covered within easy reach of a glorious coastline. Whether it’s Patong, Karon or Kata beach, Nai Harn in the south as well as Surin, Bang Tao and Mai Khao beaches in the north, medical travellers visit for Phuket’s azure-colored waters and outstanding beaches and islands.

2. Accommodation

When having a medical procedure in Phuket, there is a wide variety of budget-friendly and luxury accommodation available including hostels, spa resorts and boutique style hotels. This gives the medical tourist incredible choice and accessibility to reserving their chosen clinic within close proximity of their lodging. This is just as important if any post-op appointments are required.

3. Shopping

Medical tourists can relax and recuperate with a spot of retail therapy in one of Phuket’s many glitzy malls. Central Festival & Floresta is one of the largest shopping centres in Thailand and has transformed the island’s central area featuring a large cinema complex and throngs of designer and luxury stores. JungCeylon in Patong has now been joined by a new Central Shopping Centre with another new Central shopping experience opening up in Cherng Talay in 2020. Medical travellers can also head to Phuket’s markets and street stores in places like Phuket Town where they can discover a myriad of stylish boutiques.

4. Island Hopping

For adventure-seekers, Phuket offers a diverse selection of more than 30 islands which can be explored by sail or power boat. There is Phang Nga Bay, the location for a James Bond film, and the Similan Islands, offering some of the finest diving experiences throughout Thailand, not to mention Koh Phi Phi and the surrounding uninhabited islands.

5. Clinical Standards

Thailand’s medical tourism sector is second to none featuring more than 60 Joint Commission International or JCI accredited medical facilities and clinics including in Phuket. Surgeons and doctors undergo thorough medical training abroad and develop their medical expertise, whilst clinics in Phuket provide top-class care and adhere to the highest standards in patient safety.

For example, Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute performs 40 types of cosmetic procedures across 5 specialties. A dedicated PPSI Concierge Service is available for selected treatments including complimentary airport, hotel and hospital transfers. Meanwhile, Bangkok Hospital Phuket welcomes a staggering 80,000 international medical visitors annually delivering a range of bespoke healthcare and wellness packages.

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