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Kata Rocks ends the use of plastic straws

Kata Rocks has launched its new sustainability and social impact initiative as it moves to eliminate single-use plastics in the luxury resort which has already started and will reach its broader goal within one year.

Guests staying at Kata Rocks are increasingly eco-conscious and are a driving force behind the shift in demand for sustainable travel options. The decision to end the use of plastic straws is a natural one, as it is also a significant step towards achieving wider sustainability goals that protect natural habitats of many endangered marine species.

According to Infinite Luxury CEO Richard Pope, the resort wants to inspire more hotels to continue reducing plastic products in their day-to-day operations.

“We at Kata Rocks are committed to being part of the leadership for change. To do so, we need to understand and explain the importance of this decision and how it impacts our future.”

‘This initiative reflects our values as an organisation, and how our actions and responsibilities as a resort impact the environment. These assets, the beach, sea and its marine life are the prime reasons tourists come to Phuket,” he added.

Kata Rocks aims to inspire the local community to follow this lead and encourage guests to carry their experiences at the resort back home with them by continuing to reduce their overreliance on plastic bags and straws in their day-to-day lives.

It recently acted to remove all plastic drinking straws from its food and beverage outlets and organised events. Guests will be offered alternatives. Regular plastic straws will be replaced with eco-friendly and paper straws.

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