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Kamala development is positive – a personal view

This week The Thaiger posted a few photos and prediction that the vacant corner, as you drive into Kamala from Patong, was going to another backwards step to the sleepy seaside town. The post provoked a lot of comment, including this one. The author’s identity has been hidden. What do you think about his response?

“The funny thing about this whole issue is that Kamala will likely end up a highly developed, super clean hotspot destination for wealthy and mobile jetsetters.

Gone will be the local people and the rubbish strewn after every market day, piles of rubbish literally in front of every household, the gentle waft of overloaded sewerage from most bars and restaurants as you walk the streets, the never ending tangled mess of low hanging overhead wires, roaming filthy dogs & cats, uneven broken and sometimes non-existent footpaths, infestation of rats , the chronic absence of footpath lighting; there will likely eventuate a daily mechanical beach combing and deceptive beach touts plying counterfeit goods will finally be banished.

I see nothing wrong with where Kamala or any other place sees itself in the future. Every place offers something different. I’m not knocking Kamala at all, just stating facts.

People would have you believe it is paradise. Most people who live here feel the pressure of justifying their decision and supporting the BS, but the truth is awkward and confronting. It’s best to not hang your coat on anything in SE Asia.

For me, I take from it the things I enjoy and when it no longer floats my boat, I will just quietly pack my bags and slip out. There are plenty of other options in Vietnam, Philipines & Malaysia in SE Asia, and beyond that, plenty more.

The story of tourism development is centuries old; almost always starts and ends the same way. The trick is to figure out where you sit in the evolution of a place and whether it gives you the things you are after IMHO.”

Author’s name withheld.

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