Royal rumble: Thaksin Shinawatra faces charges under section 112

A significant legal case involving Thaksin Shinawatra, concerning Section 112 of the Criminal Code for alleged offences against the monarchy, came into the public eye on February 6. Prayut Phetkhun, spokesperson for the Office of the Attorney General, shared the details of the case, which originated from an event that took place in Seoul, South Korea, on May 21, 2015.

The Thai police investigation led to two charges being filed against the former Prime Minister of Thailand. These include an offence under Section 112 and a violation of the Computer Crimes Act for spreading false information. Notably, despite the offences being committed outside the Kingdom of Thailand, they were still subjected to Thai jurisdiction as per the Criminal Procedure Code. As a result, the Office of the Attorney General took on the responsibility of prosecuting the case.

Owing to Thaksin’s fugitive status at the time, the Office of the Attorney General instructed investigators to issue an arrest warrant. The Criminal Court responded to this request by issuing an arrest warrant within the 15-year statute of limitations from the incident on May 21, 2015. The 74 year old’s return to Thailand on August 22, 2023, led to his apprehension in connection with other criminal cases.

On January 17, the former PM was informed of these allegations by Kunthanit Mongkolsawat, the Director of Public Prosecutions, and other relevant agencies. Thaksin, however, denied the charges and submitted a letter requesting fairness. The letter was forwarded by Kunthanit to investigating officers to be included in the investigation.

At present, the case is under review by the Office of the Attorney General and will be presented to the Supreme Prosecutors for their opinions and further legal actions, said Prayut Phetkhun.

“This update provides the background of the case, which has drawn attention from various political groups and Thai people. Despite ongoing scrutiny, the legal process continues under Thai law.”

This case has prompted calls for Thaksin’s return to prison or for officials to provide additional transparency about his alleged medical conditions that have him hospitalised, reported Pattaya News.

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