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Chiang Mai

Dorked in the dark: YouTube video sees Chiang Mai biker arrested

Legacy Phuket Gazette



PHUKET: A CHIANG MAI man was arrested by police after a video surfaced on YouTube of him driving around the northern city on a 1.2-million-baht superbike.

That might not sound criminal in itself. The issue of concern to the cops was that Chetaphon Chantarabunthawi, 25, was completely naked at the time.

Mr Chetaphon told reporters that he had made the video for a bet.

He was drinking with his gang, who call themselves “Rock Mode”, at the Infinity bar in Chiang Mai’s Niman Hemin area.

One of them challenged Mr Chetaphon: if he dared ride his Ducati superbike around the city completely naked, he would forgive him a 500-baht debt and pay him an extra 1,000 baht.

Mr Chetaphon agreed and his nude exploits on the rare superbike were filmed by his friends. The video, which they uploaded to Facebook, was shared widely on social media until it attracted the attention of the Chiang Mai Police.

In parts of the video Mr Chetaphon is seen standing up so that his manhood can be clearly seen.

The police decided Mr Chetaphon’s behavior was “not appropriate” and promptly arrested him.

“I prostrate myself in apology to the people of Chiang Mai,” said Mr Chethaphon. “I wasn’t blind drunk, I’d just had a little bit of alcohol and took a challenge for fun.”

“I stood up because it was painful,” he said. “My penis was bumping against the bike’s tank. I wasn’t trying to show anyone [my penis] because it was already very dark [the night, not his penis – Ed].”

Mr Chetaphon said the video had been uploaded onto the Rock Mode Facebook page by his friend Bom, who owned the bike. Bom had already returned to Macau, where he works in a casino, he said.

Maj Gen Chamnan Ruatreo, deputy commissioner of Region 5 Police, warned young people not to copy Rock Mode’s antics because they weren’t appropriate and went against the culture of the people of Chiang Mai.

Gen Chamnan said there were many such groups that forced members to take challenges like this to gain membership. One group asked members to roller skate naked on a mountain near Chiang Mai, he said.

Lt Col Kraisi Chunphak said Mr Chetaphon would be charged with public indecency and faced a sentence of one month in jail and/or a fine of 800 to 2,000 baht.

— Kom Chad Luek

- Legacy Phuket Gazette

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Chiang Mai

Huge meth bust in Chiang Mai

The Thaiger & The Nation



The big seizures of methamphetamine pills and ‘ice’ continue around the Kingdom. In the last two months nearly 50 million pills have been collected in various stings and raids.

Around 9 million methamphetamine pills and 300kg of crystal meth or “ice” was seized in Chiang Mai province shortly after the arrest of a fugitive last Monday, the police claimed.

Officers apprehended five other suspects in Ayutthaya on Thursday who were to collect the smuggled drugs, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) secretary-general Sirinya Sidthichai told a press conference today (Friday).

Sirinya says that this major bust started when the ONCB Region 5 and police arrested the 43 year old hill tribesman Panatkit Soponphumpanya. He said the man was wanted for a drugs crime in December 2010 with a Chon Buri arrest warrant. He was arrested in Chiang Mai’s Mae Taeng district on Monday along with assets worth 10 million baht, Sirinya said.

The investigation then purportedly found that Panatkit was in the middle of a drug deal in which a supplier in neighbouring Myanmar hid a large batch of Golden Triangle “wine1” meth pills and “ice” along the border in Chiang Mai’s Chiang Dao district for him to transport to Ayutthaya.

He said officers confiscated the drugs in Chiang Dao and arrested the five suspects in Ayutthaya.

ONCB and police would continue to probe the case to arrest the rest of the suspects, he said.

Sirinya said the authorities would also monitor the moving of sodium cyanide, which can be synthesised into the narcotic substrate called phenyl-2-propanone for the making of meth. The ONCB chief said Burmese factories had legally ordered sodium cyanide from a third country but there were suspicions that the product was being transported via Thailand instead.

STORY: The Nation

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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai: Son finds father dead in car

The Thaiger & The Nation



A man has been found dead in his own car in Chiang Mai’s Muang district.  The car was covered near his house when his adopted son found the car with his father inside this morning.

Police estimate that 48 year old Somphet Thaso died at least two days earlier. His adopted son, Sukit Somboonpattanakoon, said Somphet could not be accounted for two days and he was unable to find him until he walked past the car and smelled a strong stench. He lifted the car cover canvas and found the body so he called the police.

The car was not locked but its four windows were closed.
Police say there were no traces of injuries on the man and suspect carbon monoxide poisoning caused the man’s death. The fact the car was covered might suggest suicide, they added.

But his relatives claim his bag with a mobile, ID card and some cash was missing.

The investigation continues.


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Heroin-swallowing smugglers nabbed in Chiang Mai and Bangkok

The Thaiger & The Nation



15.5 kilograms of heroin is a serious amount of illicit narcotics.

Six Nepalese and one Indian national have been accused of being members of a transnational drug-trafficking syndicate, They’ve been transporting drugs by having people swallow dozens of capsules containing heroin and were arrested last week.

The Nepalese suspects were identified as Singha Bir Gongbotamang, Sudarshan Thapa, Prasad Gurung, Suresh Tamang, Abashesh Gurung and Kare Gurung while the Indian national was identified as Lal Gurung. All were aged between 36 and 62.

Chuchat said Gongbotamang was the first to be arrested on June 6 after being found with 15.5 kilograms of heroin in his luggage while waiting to board a plane from Chiang Mai International Airport to Bangkok.

The following day, police raided a condominium in the Soi Sukhumvit 77 (On Nut) area of Bangkok’s Suan Luang district and arrested Lal Gurung and Thapa. They also seized 1,450 grams of heroin, a digital scale, and plastic capsules for smugglers to use when swallowing heroin for transportation to a third country. Another search of a nearby apartment on June 8 yielded the remaining four suspects, who were linked to the previously nabbed trio.

Immigration Police 2 superintendent Pol Colonel Pravit Sirithorn said the men were allegedly hired to swallow heroin capsules – with each expected to ingest at least 50 capsules – to avoid the authority’s detection while travelling through Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Hong Kong.

The police investigation found that Gongbotamang paid 2 million baht for the heroin in Myanmar and smuggled it into Thailand. The six men would then swallow capsules containing the heroin before travelling to Hong Kong in exchange for about 100,0000 baht in payment per head.

Police initially charged the three earlier arrested men with having heroin in their possession with intent to sell, and revoked the visa of the four later-arrested men over prohibited behaviour under the Immigration Act 1979.

STORY: The Nation

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