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English retiree electrocuted while mowing his lawn in Khon Kaen

Chiang Rai Times report that Brit Anthony Stratton has died whilst mowing the lawn in his garden in Khon Kaen. The 76 year old retiree was electrocuted while he was mowing the lawn on Wednesday afternoon. His wife discovered the body.

Pol Lt Col Gritided Supan of Chum Phae Provincial Police Station said, “We received a phone call from a woman named Saengdao Suwichon who told us in tears that she had found her husband dead in the garden of their house.”

41 year old Saengdao told Police that she left the house early in the morning to sell groceries in front of the Chumphae Industrial and Community Education College. She returned that afternoon and found her husband laying on the lawn, dead. The couple had been married over ten years.

Police say they found Mr Stratton’s body in the middle of the garden lying face up on the lawn.

“His face had an unusual shade of green.”

Chiang Rai Times reports that Mr Stratton’s body revealed a burn mark on his left thumb. Apart from a pair of white shorts, he did not wear any clothes or shoes, according to police.

“Next to him was an orange lawn mower with an electricity cable leading to the house. The cable went all the way through the garden into the living room because that was where the closest electricity plug was.”

To reach the lawn mower in the garden, Mr Stratton had connected two extension cords, damaged and poorly repaired with duct tape.

Investigators believe Mr Stratton was accidentally electrocuted while he was mowing the lawn.

Mr Stratton’s wife told police that her husband was a hard-working man and also loved gardening. He often spent several hours in the garden to do some gardening work, she said.

SOURRCE: Chiang Rai Times

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