Chumpon: Policeman shot dead by pick-up driver

The Nation is reporting that a policeman was shot dead in Chumphon province last night after the driver of the car he was in apparently angered a truck driver by cutting in front of him.

The shooting occurred at about 11.30pm at the Pathomporn Intersection in Muang district. Police Cpl Phayungsak Maidee, from the province’s narcotics suppression subdivision, was shot once with a shotgun, sustaining eight pellet holes on his chest and neck. He died on the way to the Chumphon Hospital.

Phayungsak was travelling in a car driven by his friend, Chanat Boonchu, from Nakhon Si Thammarat to Chumphon.

Chanat claims he had innocently overtaken a vehicle in front of him, prompting the other driver to blare his horn. He said he went back to the inside lane and carried on driving without realising the pickup driver was still angry.

Chanat said when his car arrived at the Pathomporn Intersection, the pickup driver overtook him, blocking his way, then got out of his vehicle and walked over to him. He said he lowered his window and the man punched him in the face several times. Then, while he was still in a daze, he heard the sound of a gunshot and looked over and saw Phayungsak lying on the road.

Chanat said his friend had apparently been shot after opening the passenger door to get out and help him. Police are still searching for the pickup driver.

SOURCE: The Nation

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  • if this person is found and admits he killed the policeman - HE SHOULD BE EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY.

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