Nearly 5,000 visited this year’s Thailand Yacht Show

After four days and excellent weather, the third edition of the Thailand Yacht Show finished last Sunday with the traditional symphony of horns at Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket.

Over the four sunny days the show welcomed a total of 4,730 visitors who were treated to new yachts on display, activities for kids and the family and the best of the region’s yachting lifestyle. Visitors were able to try out the latest water sports and toys, get on board a wide range of boats and revel in glamourous yacht parties.

“The 2018 edition of TYS has really been excellent, especially given the very short lead time we had to work with again,” said Andy Treadwell, co-founder of the show with the Thai government.

“We achieved all our goals, with some significant sales made by our exhibitors, a good number of charter superyachts on display, a great social calendar and a wonderful ambiance – it’s really proved the concept,” he added.

There were several international superyacht owners and captains on hand to confirm to government observers exactly how much they would spend with local shops and service providers, if only they were allowed to stay in Thailand and charter each winter —potentially totalling hundreds of millions of dollars within a few years.

“With the invaluable partnership we have with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Ministry of Tourism & Sports, we are making great headway towards transforming Thailand into a new winter charter base for the global superyacht fleet,” Treadwell affirmed.

“As we continue our drive to boost marine tourism here by streamlining regulations, we are more and more confident that a developing yachting industry will trigger a major economic boost for local businesses and communities.”

The show’s patron and guest of honour, Minister of Tourism and Sports Weerasak Kowsurat, said in his opening address:

“Our support of the Thailand Yacht Show goes well beyond this four-day event. It is part of an extensive strategy to broaden our tourism products and services, attract inward investment to build and develop marine leisure infrastructure, and ultimately, create jobs for Thai people. The Thailand Yacht Show provides a focal point for this strategy and facilitates communication between the market, the industry and our officers.”

“The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is committed to positioning Thailand as a preferred destination for the global fleet of superyachts. To that end, we continue to work with the Thailand Yacht Show team and key industry players to devise cohesive regulations and promote Thailand as a natural and functional hub for the yacht tourism industry in Asia.”

The impressive line-up at this year’s show saw a completely full marina, with a sparkling fleet of nearly 50 yachts, sailing boats and catamarans for sale or charter. Leading brands Ferretti, Feadship, Perini Navi, Princess, Sunreef and Sunseeker all had major displays.

The 15-strong superyacht fleet included the 90m Cassens-Werft-built Lauren L, the biggest yacht ever to be exhibited at any show in Asia and presented by Titan Fleet Management; the 60m Feadship M/Y Paraffin, presented by Fraser Yachts; 47m Custom Line M/Y Happy Days, represented by Lee Marine; and the 38m Perini Navi S/Y La Numero Uno brought by Asia Marine.

The Thailand Yacht Show is organised by luxury lifestyle brand, Verventia, also owners of the Singapore Yacht Show, whose eighth edition will be taking place from April 12 – 15, 2018 in One°15 Marina in Sentosa Cove. The two complementary shows feature the biggest and best brands in the yachting industry and are the focal point of the luxury yacht business in Asia Pacific.

Tanutam Thawan

Local Thai journalist speaking fluent Thai and English. Tanutam studied in Khon Kaen before attending Bangkok’s Chulalongkhorn University.

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Tanutam Thawan

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