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Young Thai man falls for the old 1000 baht penis enlargement scam

PHOTO: Sanook

Ouch! Men, take note. Women, laugh at the stupidity of some members of the male sex.

Thai media Sanook is reporting the topic of penis enlargement – a hot topic in Thai social media including some very dodgy methods of, ummm, increasing the dimensions of the penis.

A picture, of what appears to be a school child undergoing an injection to increase the size of his penis, was published on a well known Thai Facebook page. A cartoon depicting the dire consequences of believing in such methods was also put onto another Facebook page.

The picture of the boy shows him with a tattooed man and another getting an injection. Neither were qualified practitioners, of anything!

(You’re squirming reading this… I’m having to type it out!!!)

The was charged 1,000 baht for the completely bogus procedure and told that his problems of being embarrassed in the shower rooms were over. The injection of oil, suffice to say, did little to assist the young man’s ‘challenges’ in the pants department.

The picture went on the “Tua Rorn Popcorn Cheese” site on Sunday and caused a meltdown in social media. While on the “Cartoon Banthorn” site a cartoon depicting the consequences of getting “olive oil injections” to increase size caused further consternation. Netizens were quick to condemn the practice saying it is dangerous and “quackery” and can result in unwanted swelling and ‘rotting’ of the male member. At minimum it would make things very slippery.

Click on the Sanook link if you want to see another absolutely crazy solution to increasing size. Or perhaps don’t…

SOURCE: Sanook

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