Vape escape: 16 year old’s lung goes bust after e-cigarette causes collapse

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The health of a 16 year old child who smoked e-cigarettes raised alarm when an X-ray revealed air leakage in the right lung, causing the lung to collapse. According to Tevin Chakrayanuyok, a cardiologist states that the dangers of vaping are more serious than many people realise, urging those who can quit to do so.

Tevin Chakrayanuyok, a cardiologist, shared a post accompanied by an X-ray image of a patient’s lungs.

“Today, I have another story to tell. A 16 year old child is suffering from chest pain.”

The nurse reported this news in a clear voice to Tevin, who was shocked at the thought. After taking a look at his history, the young patient, who was thin and smoked e-cigarettes heavily, complained of chest pain while breathing but dismissed doing any heavy lifting. The X-ray resulted in a diagnosis of air leakage in the right lung, causing the lung to collapse.

The edge of the lung is where it collapses and combines into a lump in the middle. The right lung has three lobes, hence they are unequal. The patient experienced fatigue or chest pain and could not breathe fully. This case resulted from the use of Vape, Pod, or e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes contain a high amount of nicotine (more than regular cigarettes), propylene glycol, and flavouring substances. The effects can also result from the method of smoking. The hazards of e-cigarettes are not less severe than regular cigarettes, reported Sanook. If you can quit, then quit.

There have been continuous reports in Thailand and abroad. As it is a new thing, long-term prospective research is likely to exist but quite difficult to conduct because the components of the substance are not the same. However, the main components are mentioned above. It’s like driving fast, not everyone will have an accident, but if it happens, it’s because of fast driving.

Exposure to these various substances in e-cigarettes does not have research to support that it is as safe as drugs. But is it worth exchanging our lungs, our bodies? Our bodies are invaluable and cannot be evaluated. If you can quit, then quit. If you cannot quit, continue. Doctors are ready to take care of everyone.

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