American YouTuber popular with Thais to compete in influencer boxing event

An American Youtuber who is popular among Thais is gearing up to compete in the “Influencer Boxing” contest in England today (Saturday). With over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, 30 year old Nathan Bartling has become a household name in Thailand and is proud to represent the country he now calls home. Bartling said on social media…

“I never thought that one day I would be living in Thailand. Before coming to Thailand, I didn’t know much about it, only Taiwan. It must be fate that brought me here, and I feel fortunate to be in Thailand.”

Now in his 11th year living in the country, Thailand has become more than just a temporary home for the American expat. Bartling added that he loves Thai culture, the kindness of Thai people, and Thailand’s weather.  He said that he is proud to represent Thailand in the contest, and aims to make Thailand famous. Bartling said that whether he wins or loses, he will fight with all his might.

“Despite being 100% American, I am honoured to be known as ‘My Mate Nate from Thailand’,” he wrote.

Combining his love for the sport and his dedication to his adopted country, it’s no doubt that fans in Thailand will be rooting for him this weekend.

As a contender in the highly anticipated Influencer Boxing event, Bartling will face off against other well-known social media personalities. Boxing fans are already buzzing about the event and are eager to see whether Nate’s hard work and determination will pay off in the ring.

In another Facebook post, Bartling shared his journey in getting fit from training in Thailand, and the UK. He said that in the UK, he has been going for eight-kilometre runs.

Bartling’s passion for Thailand and his commitment to putting up a good fight for his fans brings a new level of excitement to the event. Win or lose, it’s clear that Nate has found a special place in his heart for Thailand and its people.


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Mitch Connor

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