Mike Tyson’s Thailand high: The cannabis 2.0 comeback

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In an exclusive interview with Mike Tyson, the boxing legend revealed his daring venture into Thailand’s cannabis market with Tyson 2.0, sparking both business strategy and personal mission.

In a deep dive discussion, Tyson unveils the intertwined relationship between cannabis and combat sports, recounting his escapade in Thailand and the serendipity that spared him from the long arm of the law. Now, with Thailand’s shifting cannabis landscape, Tyson sees an opportunity to revolutionise attitudes towards the herb.

Mike Tyson’s journey with cannabis isn’t just about business—it’s personal. His latest move, bringing Tyson 2.0 to the Thai market, signifies a significant chapter in his mission.

Tyson recalled past encounters with Thai law enforcement that could’ve turned disastrous.

“I always wanted to come to Thailand with my brand.”

But now, with Thailand embracing cannabis reform, Tyson sees a chance to bridge the gap between combat sports and cannabis.

He emphasised the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for athletes.

“Anybody that’s in combat sports needs to know how to relax.”

Backing Tyson’s claims are studies showing the positive impact of cannabis on exercise recovery. The boxing star’s timing couldn’t be more precise, with Thailand’s cannabis market poised to skyrocket to US$1.22 billion (approximately 4.4 billion baht) by this year.

However, amidst speculation about potential rollbacks in Thailand’s cannabis policies, Tyson remains cautiously optimistic. Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo, the parent company of Tyson 2.0, acknowledges the uncertainties but remains focused on delivering quality products to Thai consumers.

Partnering with Medican, Tyson 2.0 aims to introduce a range of high-quality cannabis products tailored to Thai tastes. From strain-specific pre-rolls to unique Thai flavours, Tyson’s venture promises innovation and authenticity, reported Forbes.

But beyond business, Tyson’s mission is about changing perceptions.

“We’re not just bringing cannabis to new markets, we’re changing the narrative, one country at a time.”

Reflecting on his own experiences, Tyson passionately advocates for cannabis, highlighting its healing properties and ability to foster unity.

“Cannabis puts you in a whole different mind frame.”

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