Man sets fire to wife’s house and threatens to kill her family

Photo via Facebook/ วัลลภ อำพร

A Thai man driven by jealousy, set fire to the house of his wife in Nakhon Pathom province near Bangkok after she left him and travelled to another province with her family. The man also allegedly threatened to kill his family and carried a gun with him at all times.

The wife’s brother, a 35 year old man named Wanlop Arpha, used a Facebook group to share information about the incident. He urged netizens to report to the police if they see the offender, a 48 year old man named Min Sukheewong. He said…

“This is a dangerous person. He is my sister’s husband, named Min. He drove a Toyota Hilux Vigo, registered in Bangkok number 7กฒ3637, to my house and set it on fire at about 11pm on Sunday, April 9. He also threatened to kill my whole family every time he had a row with my sister. This time, it was lucky that no one was home when the fire broke out. He carries a gun with him all the time. I filed a complaint with the police already, but he is still at large.”

Wanlop later gave an interview with KhaoSod saying this neighbour spotted the fire and extinguished it, so the house was not completely damaged. He checked the security camera and believes that Min was injured in the fire as he could not escape in time when the flames grew bigger.

Wanlop revealed that Min had a child from his previous wife before getting involved with his sister. They were together for a decade, but in recent years, Min developed an alcohol addiction and grew increasingly jealous. He would become upset whenever his wife travelled with her family members.

Wanlop mentioned that his family was frightened of Min and wanted the authorities to apprehend him as soon as possible. They were too afraid to remain at home as they feared that Min might come back.

After reviewing the CCTV footage at Min’s residence, the police discovered that he had not returned since the incident took place.

Jealousy and violence are common themes in Thailand. Recently, there was a tragic incident involving jealousy. The jealous husband, 30 year old Anupong Saengngaongam, murdered his wife, 30 year old Yuwadee Phakhai by stabbing her 21 times at her house in the central province of Loburi.

The murderer fled the scene to commit suicide in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. He drove his pickup into the Chao Phraya River but was later saved by a relative and got arrested.

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