Housemaid betrays Thai woman’s trust, snatches gold jewelry

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A 40 year old Thai woman claimed that her housemaid stole gold jewelry from her in Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri.

The Thai woman, known by her nickname Rung, who disclosed the shocking incident to The Pattaya News this Thursday, February 1, asserted that she fell prey to the cunning theft on January 31 at her Nong Prue residence. According to Rung, her 28 year old housemaid Phon made off with a staggering haul of over 600,000 baht worth of gold jewelry and even snatched Rung’s motorbike.

Rung, determined to seek justice, swiftly reported the shocking incident to the Nong Prue Police Station. Not stopping there, she also reached out to The Pattaya News, hoping to spread awareness and aid in the capture of the alleged culprit, reported ASEAN Now.

It is reported that Phon had been in Rung’s employ for a significant period of four to five months before the betrayal unfolded.

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In related news, Mueang Pattaya Police Station officers arrested a Thai transwoman on January 21 for stealing a gold necklace worth about 300,000 baht from a Swiss man. The Swiss victim reported to Mueang Pattaya Police Station officers at 1.30am on Saturday, January 20 that a Thai transwoman stole his gold necklace. The victim said the transwoman approached and sexually harassed him by hugging him around the neck.

The Swiss said he pushed her away and later discovered that his gold necklace, weighing about 151 grammes and worth about 300,000 baht, disappeared. He was certain the thief was the Thai transwoman who harassed him and sought help from officers.

In other news, a Korean tourist was allegedly robbed of his 200,000 baht gold necklace by a trio of transgender suspects in Pattaya. The 51 year old tourist, accompanied by his Thai friend, revealed the details of the robbery which took place on Thursday, January 11, imploring justice for the brazen theft.

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