Boy, 12, killed in horrific Ayutthaya Road accident

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A tragic incident occurred in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province when a 12 year old boy lost his life in a road accident involving a motorcycle and a truck. The incident happened near a U-turn bridge on the Asia Road, heading towards Bangkok, around the 11-kilometre mark in Bang Pa-in District.

At the scene, authorities discovered the body of the boy, identified only by his first name, Teerapun, in a horrifying state, with his limbs severed and his remains scattered across the road. Nearby, his orange Yamaha Fino motorcycle lay overturned, its parts strewn about, indicative of the violent collision. Adding to the complexity of the scene was the presence of a big bike, a Honda CBR650F, and its dazed rider, 35 year old Jatuporn Nantasi, who seemed to have no recollection of how the accident occurred, reported KhaoSod.

Jatuporn, who regained consciousness by the roadside, reported that he was returning to his home in Pathum Thani Province from Rojana Industrial Park when the accident happened. He blacked out and later awoke to find himself lying on the ground, unaware of the events that had transpired.

Police at the site identified tyre marks from a truck that appeared to have run over the boy’s body. The exact sequence of events leading up to the accident remained unclear. Authorities began a meticulous investigation, including interviewing Jatuporn and seeking out any witnesses to shed light on the cause of this tragic event.

In related news, a tragic motorcycle chase ended in a collision, claiming a 17 year old’s life in Bangkok. Investigation was underway, injured parties were treated, and pursuit was ongoing.

In related news, a reckless Thai driver killed a man and injured others when he drove his sedan against the traffic flow in Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok, colliding with a pickup truck.

Pak Kret Police Station officers and Poh Teck Tung Rescue Foundation rushed to the accident scene on the Khlong Prapa Overpass in the Pakkret district of Nonthaburi province at about 5.20am on February 6. Three damaged cars were found, including a black Toyota Vios sedan, a silver bronze Toyota Vios sedan, and a golden bronze Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup.

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