Bangkok street food vendor dies after punch in card game dispute

A Bangkok street food vendor succumbed to injuries sustained from a single punch delivered by a friend during a drunken altercation over alleged cheating in a card game. The incident, which took place yesterday, February 12, resulted in the 49 year old vendor, Wichok, being found unconscious in his room with a swollen, bruised face and bleeding from the nose and mouth. Despite attempts to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigations revealed that Wichok, who ran a food stall with his 47 year old wife, Malivaly, went out to deliver food to customers before joining acquaintances for drinks at a nearby workers’ camp. After receiving news that her husband was found drunk and unconscious on a bed in the camp, Malivaly discovered his injuries. She learned from friends at the camp that her husband had argued in the drinking circle and had been knocked down by a 40 year old friend, Supachai, resulting in a fatal head injury.

Supachai recounted that he had been drinking and playing cards with Wichok and another colleague when an inebriated Wichok accused him of cheating. In the heat of the moment, following a verbal exchange and a challenge to strike first, Supachai admitted to hitting Wichok with a single punch to the jaw, causing him to fall and hit his head. Believing the injury to be minor, Supachai left the scene, only to later learn of Wichok’s death and return to surrender to the police.

The officer in charge, Police Lieutenant Colonel Sakdsit Butrwong, alongside his team, inspected the scene, and the body of the deceased was transferred for a forensic examination. The police have taken Supachai into custody for further investigation and legal proceedings.

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Late last year a Thai man reportedly punched his neighbour to death on the side of the road in the northern province of Lampang after a dispute over dog waste. The killer claimed he acted in self-defence.

Mueang Lampang Police Station officers and a rescue team rushed to the scene on Lampang-Ngao road at 7.45am, December 1. The deceased, 68 year old Chanadate Praharnkhasuek, was found lifeless by the roadside.

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