Where do I start to for an application for a small sports business in Phuket

I’m a hang gliding instructor and would like to conduct tandem fights a few different locations in Phuket. Any ideas on where to start for an application? I’m a 53 year old Australian. Any info or feed back would be appreciated . Thanks Peter

Asked on September 12, 2017 in Visas & Legal.
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I think you have an uphill battle Peter.  Apart from needing a work permit (I have no idea what category they would put you under) you then will have to wade through mountains of local and legal red tape. It would be as complicated as doing the same in Australian with an extra ‘Thai’ level of confusion with the laws. I would suggest contacting Pat James at the Phuket Airpark and chatting to him. He’s also on Facebook. A very knowledgeable and nice fellow.

Answered on September 16, 2017.
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