When will dangerous drivers be fined?

One road all tourists must use is the one between the airport and Chalong circle – so they are exposed to very dangerous driving. Excessive speed, passing despite oncoming traffic, and failure of slow vehicles to keep left are daily events on this road. When can we expect to see just one vehicle stopped and the driver heavily fined for dangerous driving?

Chai, Phuket Town

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If the police were to arrest these people, they wouldn’t like it. They’d think that what they had done wasn’t a big deal and wonder why the police were bothering them [when they hadn’t caused an accident]. These drivers never think about lives. When someone they know is in an accident, they think it is just fate rather than carelessness. The highway police and the Phuket Town police always try to catch those who violate laws, but we don’t have enough equipment or people. We don’t even have a speed detector, although I think by the end of this year we will get at least two of them. We will also be getting an alcohol detector.

Pol Lt Col Terraphol Thipjaroen, deputy superintendent of Phuket Town Police Station

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