What are the best/most unique things to do in Chiang Mai and/or around Ko Pha Ngan?

Hello everyone,,

My fiance (28/F) and I (29/M) will be honeymooning in Thailand in March 2020. We’re spending three nights in Chiang Mai and then six at a resort on Ko Pha Ngan. I’m looking for unique ideas for things to do in and around both areas. And yes, I’m planning this far in advance. 🙂

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Chiang Mai..
Ethical Elephant sanctuary (very few truly are !!)
4×4 Touring

Ang Thong Marine Park
Extreme jungle / waterslides
Nang Yaun island
Diving / snorkelling / beach / chill.. Buy your own quality snorkel and well fitted mask before coming. Makes a huge difference.

Answered on August 4, 2019.
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