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About four months ago, I bought a cellular phone through Telewiz in Patong. I was sold a promotion plan from AIS that was supposed to give 200 minutes of free calls between 9 am to 9 pm, and another 200 free minutes between 9 pm and 9 am. I paid the basic monthly fee and a promotion fee of 790 baht a month. When I received the first bill, I was credited with what I thought was too few minutes for the daytime allowance of 200 minutes. But it was impossible to check, as the bill shows only a credit; it does not show the time used or details of calls made. I went to Telewiz to see if I could get a record of the actual minutes used and was told I could not. I talked with several representatives at AIS who told me that their computer was “not set up” to show how many minutes are used in each time period. I was told I could request the actual call details and check them myself if I thought there was a billing error. So I sent in the necessary paperwork to do this. Two months later I finally received a call from AIS to tell me that my past billings had already been deleted off the computer and there was therefore no way to check my bill for errors. I have spent a great deal of time on trying to get this sorted out. I have also spent money; one call I made to AIS was more than 50 minutes long, and cost me about 600 baht. I was told by the supervisor that I would be credited for the call. Now I have been told that I will not be. I requested a refund on my phone from Telewiz and was told this was impossible. When I asked for an extension on the payment date until I had received the billing details I had requested, I was told that this too was impossible. Indeed, if I didn’t pay my bill on time, I was told, my phone would be cut off. Of course, if AIS had agreed to an extension, they would still be waiting for payment.

Telewiz Knows Who, Phuket Town

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Answered on February 9, 2019.
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We truly regret the correspondent’s dissatisfaction and the delay in responding to this issue. In order to check the call details we require a fax containing a copy of the registered mobile owner’s ID card, certified as a true document, along with the mobile phone number, and the bill cycle and month for which details are required. Please note that we can issue details of the three most recent bills only. The fax should be sent to 02-2719100. The process takes about 14 days for one bill cycle and 30 days for two bill cycles. The reason that we require the above documents is that we regard call details as confidential documents that should be revealed only to the customer. In order to avoid problems we need to ensure that the registered mobile phone owner alone can access these details. Since this is very secret information which should not be allowed to fall into the hands of unknown persons who might take advantage of it, we do not print out the details in every bill. Of course, the registered mobile owner certainly has the right to know every detail. We should like to offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused. If there are any further questions, they should be directed to the Priority Call Center at Tel. 02-2719000 or by email to, at any time.

AIS Call Center

Answered on December 22, 2000.
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