Is ‘managing employees’ of my own business ‘work’

Concerning the requirement for a work permit.

It has long been said a non Thai can own a business in the kingdom and direct Thai staff on the physical actions to operate that business without a work permit being required as directing staff is ‘managing their investment’, is that still correct ??

In the modern world can a manager do the same online ?? Eg if they have a non Thai company, can they read reports from thier home country staff, instruct thier staff how to operate (outside Thailand) and direct action without that action crossing to ‘work’ within the kingdom ??

I am interested in the legal opinion not only the enforcement eg if its possible to be caught or not.

If this is so what does cross the line ? Checking bank accounts ? Signing documents I was always told it was better to leave the country ??

Please keep me updated if you get a clear answer. Its an interesting distinction.

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