Is an Anthong Marine park tour worth it???

My wife and I will be spending 4 days on Koh Phangan next week and can’t decide if booking a tour is a good idea or not. We’re going diving one day and plan to just relax, bike around go snorkeling, whatever we feel. We are also thinking about a tour to Anthong Marine park, I’m not huge on tours but it seems to be the only way to really get there? My question is has anyone done it and would you recommend it? I’m not interested in taking a day out our vacation to go to sit in a kayak for 20 minutes and snorkel a super crowded spot. I’ve been reading reviews and getting really mixed impressions of what it could be like. So, who here has done it? And what time of year? Also would love some suggestions for a good company to go with, we’re looking at Orion if we do go. Thanks in advance all.

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