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The:: QUESTION: Can I have my own private beach in Thailand?



:: QUESTION: Can I have my own private beach in Thailand?

:: ANSWER: No, all beaches in Thailand are public!

Taken from the  The Phuket Landbuster Web Site

These hotels with their own beach in Phuket are pretty much the tropical escape idyll. Mostly isolated from the outside world, they each have a strip of sand which they do not share with any other hotel and, in most cases, in remote locations to ensure you will generally have it exclusively to yourself, sharing it only with the other guests at the hotels listed. It is as close as you can get to a private beach in Thailand. Technically, none of Phuket hotels has a “private” beach since the entire coast of Thailand is public these l and. However, with over 30 beaches to choose from around the island, it is very rare that you will find people straying onto the stretches of sand all but dominated by these hotels, meaning more pristine sand just for you to enjoy in peace and comfort.

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