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Historic women’s reservation bill passed, lauded by PM Modi

Historic women's reservation bill passed: Modi lauds transformative potential

The Indian Parliament recently passed the historic ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’ (Women’s Reservation Bill), leading to much applause from the nation’s populace, particularly its women. This landmark event did not go unnoticed by the nation’s leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who extended his congratulations to the women of India, acknowledging the transformative potential of this legislation for future generations.

Speaking to a lively gathering at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi, the Prime Minister expressed his joy at this historic moment. “This is a momentous occasion, the creation of new history on September 21 and 22. It is our honour that the people entrusted us with the opportunity to make this history,” he proclaimed. Modi further recognised the bill’s potential to shape the nation’s future, a moment he and his government were privileged to witness.

Modi underscored the importance of having a majority government in effecting such significant changes. He expressed his pride in his administration’s ability to prevent political self-interests from obstructing the passage of the women’s reservation bill.

His comments came during the Nari Shakti Vandan-Abhinandan Karyakram, a special event organised to celebrate the passing of the legislation and to honour the invaluable contributions of women to the nation. The BJP’s women’s wing gave Modi a hearty welcome at the party’s headquarters, marking the day after the bill’s successful passage through Parliament.

“This legislation stands as proof of the necessity of a strong, decisive government with a clear majority to drive the nation forward,” Modi declared. The Prime Minister appreciated the majority support his government received, attributing it as the key reason behind their ability to make such landmark decisions. He emphasised their commitment to the betterment of women at all levels, refusing to let any political interests hinder the path of the women’s reservation bill.

The event drew a large crowd of women, including beneficiaries of various government schemes. The gathering also saw the presence of several key political figures, including BJP president J P Nadda and women Union ministers such as Nirmala Sitharaman and Smriti Irani, among other party leaders.

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